Meeting Room 3 April 11, 2018 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

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Iyad Malas – GGWP Management Limited
Dr. Khaled Al Mazrouei – Abu Dhabi Ship Building
Martin Roll – Martin Roll Company
Raj Mehta – KPMG LG
Yasser bin Faisal Al-Sharif – Jabal Omar Development Company (JODC)

Restructuring businesses in the Gulf and the Middle East has always been a challenge. With excess staff, but limited leeway for management to cut their numbers, and unproductive relations or deals that shouldn’t be looked into, efficiencies were not the priority, but consensus was to be looked for. Transformation of the corporate culture started in 2015, with management empowered by its shareholders to achieve the desired efficiencies and return businesses to profitability. What can we learn from those turnarounds in environments in which community matters? What are the dos and don’ts to achieve the right balance?