Change. Digitization. Disruption.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, in one word, is about change. For many, it represents digitization. Some others see it as disruption. But for a layman, it simply means change. The problem is, this change could be huge, revolutionary and thus disruptive. At some point, some of these changes will overhaul our societies, values and standards. […]

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Enter: CEOs from outside the firm

  More corporations changed their chief executive officer in 2015 than during any of the previous 16 years and, increasingly, they are deliberately hiring their new CEOs from outside the company. Typically, companies have sought to promote “insiders” to the CEO position. Hiring an outsider was historically seen as a last resort – a step […]

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Business-friendly GCC

  Business Friendly Bahrain” was a campaign launched in the spring of 2008, with the aim of placing the Kingdom as a prominent hub for regional and global companies to do business. A multi-million-dollar ad campaign found spots on prominent media, such as CNN or The Financial Times. The island of 1,000 smiles, as the […]

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Turkey explores new frontiers

Turkey is engaged in an increasingly heated war of words on many fronts, even as its troops are engaged on the ground in Syria and are preparing to do battle in northern Iraq, against the express wishes of both Washington and Baghdad. The rift between Turkey and the US over Washington’s support of Kurdish rebel […]

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Do ‘working moms’ know best?

Her first pregnancy had not been planned, but Hana wanted to take time off to stay with and look after her daughter for the first four years. Hana, who had worked since she had graduated ten years ago and had risen up the corporate ladder with a multinational, wanted to do things differently now that […]

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Group of Muslim women working

Are assumptions holding back women leaders?

  There has been a lot of discussion about the stereotypes contributing to the lack of women in the c-suite. But one of the biggest obstacles could be their own assumptions on what path they’re supposed to take. While much has been written about the stereotypes propping up the glass ceiling, most gender difference research […]

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Serious fiscal reforms required to avoid recession in GCC, says report

Weaker oil prices present a serious challenge to the growth outlook for the GCC region, which was already facing economic concerns. However, serious fiscal reform should see the region avoid recession, according to a new ICAEW report, Economic Insight: Middle East Q1 2016. “Sustained low oil prices will erode existing buffers like subsidies in oil-rich […]

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GCC CEOs face numerous challenges

As the combined market capitalization of GCC stock markets slipped below $1 trillion last year, there are numerous challenges before the CEOs in the region. To celebrate the achievements of business leaders and discuss the challenges in the market, Mediaquest is organizing a conference and awards ceremony on April 05, 2016, in Dubai. The Top […]

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Global economy needs more coherent policy, says OECD

Policymakers need to deploy broad-based reform plans that incorporate monetary, fiscal, and structural policies to stimulate persistently weak demand, re-launch productivity growth, create jobs and build a more inclusive global economy, according to the OECD’s annual Going for Growth report. Going for Growth 2016 offers a comprehensive assessment of how government policy reforms affect economic […]

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