Keep It Simple in a navigation bar on a virtual screen with a businessman touching it to activate it from behind conceptual of simplicity clarity and easy understanding in business and in life.

Managing several products in a rapidly changing consumer goods industry is no easy task. They key is simplicity. For multinationals reducing the number of brands in a factory can offer big competitive advantages. At first glance, localising several brands in one shop area with a common maintenance team and logistics might seem like a wise move.  But it can also muddle individual production processes and delay the introduction of new products to the market.  Too much complexity in the production process can also cause damaging errors as my colleague Serguei Netessine notes in this article. L’Oréal cosmetics has learned that simplifying operations “makes life easier”.  Its plant in Rambouillet, France, once produced an assortment of shampoos, hair colorants and skin creams for the Garnier brand.  The site was home to several different technologies.  “Our operation was very complex,” says plant manager, Jean Delomier.  “We decided to focus on one technology which was shampoo and to produce more with less equipment, with less complexity, with less technology which makes us more efficient in the end.”


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